For sale: Hohner Clavinet E7


The Classic!!  The E7 is the successor of the infamous D6. almost the same, but a little improved design in a different housing. This is the funk machine from the seventies. Get it now!! It’s fully restored. Comes with a new 9-volt dc adapter as well. The following has been done to guarantee the best quality:


– Tuning
– Voicing
– Internal cleaning
– Cleaning keys
– Alligning and leveling keys
– Cleaning switchcontacts
– Replacing key bushings
– Replacing hammertips
– Rebuild preamp
– Replacing strings
– Replacing dampingcloth with Claviget from Vintage Vibe


This Clavinet can be used in a studio or on stage right away, suitable for the (semi-) pro’s. There’s a 12 month warranty.


Price €2.999,-


Can be shipped internationally. Contact us for rates.


Vintage Instrument Service is the shop to buy vintgage electro-mechanical keyboards in Western-Europe. Lot of studio’s, music schools and keyboard players such as (or from band like) Birth of Joy, DeWolff, Candy Dulfer, Di-rect, Doe Maar, Duncan, Fink, Guus Meeuwis, Jett Rebel, Lachy Doley, Mitch Rivers, Nielson, Orgelvreten, Pater Moeskroen, Rowwen Heze, Sven Hammond, The Kik and Wolfmother already came here.