About Vintage Instrument Service

The person who decided to start Vintage Instrument Service is Gandert De Boo. For over 30 years Gandert has been musically active and got addicted to the 60ies and 70ies very quick. As a guitarplayer he explored music from rockbands like Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Doors and Santana. But after hearing ‘Riders on the Storm’  from the Doors at the age of 15 Gandert felt there was only one mission to accomplish: Find out what instrument was used for the keyboard part. This of course was a Fender Rhodes piano. A lifelong obsession for vintage keyboards was born!


Not much later Gandert bought his own Rhodes piano (a 1976 mk 1 stage model) to recreate the sound of Riders on the Storm, but he felt his Rhodes sounded different. Many adjustmens and modifications followed with pleasing results, but it never sounded exactly the same. This was  because the Fender Rhodes used by Ray Manzarek of the Doors was an very early stage model with lots of different parts than the later ones. But in the meantime Gandert got a lot of  exerience. Analysing and understanding these vintage instruments was really fascinating so more followed, like a Hammond, Clavinet and also Wurlitzer. These instruments were stripped, reassembled, modified and rebuilt in order to get to know them.


This passion grew into Vintage Instrument Service. Vintage Instrument Service is alive since 2011 and the place to go to in the Netherlands if you have a vintage keyboard instrument that needs to be serviced or if you want to buy one. We take good care of your instrument.