1. Vintage Instrument Service charges € 79,50 an hour including VAT. Labour on location is also €79,50 an hour including VAT. After 18.00 and o saturday’s there’s a 50% surcharge. On sundays there’s a surcharge of 100%.


2. Repairs on location will be charged by hour, unless agreed otherwise, with a minimum of €79,50- including VAT and excluding parts, call fee and surcharges (see 1.)


3. Call fee for labour on location is €0,45 p/km + €45,- an hour travel time including VAT, calculated from Maarn. Delivery and collection are the same rates. After 18.00 there’s a surcharge of 50% for the hour wages. On sundays there’s a surcharge of 100% on the hour wages.


4. When repairs MUST be finished within a week or faster a surcharge of 50% applies on labour as well as all above surcharges.


5. These rates give no garantee and only apply after an appointment has been made. Vintage Instrument Service can change these rates at any time.



6. WARRANTY SALE. Vintage Instrument Service gives a full 12 month warranty on fully rebuilt instruments or amplifiers (this is always specified). However, there’s no warranty on tines, reeds, strings and tubes. Warranty doesn’t apply after resale to a third party, technical experimentation by buyer or third party or obvious abuse of the instrument. 


7. WARRANTY REPAIRS/RESTORATION After a repair/restoration the costumer can test his instrument to verify everything is as agreed. After that the 6 month warranty applies, but only to the done repairs, because transporting the wrong way or not or use are common causes of defects with vintage instruments. Vintage Instrument Service is not responsible for that. If this sould happen both parties can agree the instrument will be fixed in the shop of Vintage Instrument Service, if is is a fault of Vintage Instrument Service no labour will be charged. Warranty for new tines, reeds, strings and tubes is one month.


8. Warranty repairs are done for free in our workshop in Maarn. If we have to come to you for the repairs or to pickup the instrument/amp a call fee applies. See Rates.


9. When Vintage Instrument Service works on location (gigs, studio ,etc) the best quality will be persued. However, it can always happen another problem will occur after Vintage Instrument Service finished its job. Since these instruments are over 40 years old Vintage Instrument Service never can be held responible for any unwanted situations because of this.


10. Your instrument will be insured for fire and theft when it’s at our repairshop Instrument Service. Should anything happed, it’s up to the insurance company to determine the value of any instrument and pay this amount of money.


11. If for any reason Vintage Instrument Service will not be about to finish a repair before an agreed deadline, due to unforseen circumstances, we are not responsible for the concequenses. We will try to help any way we can. 


12. Before doing a repair job total costs will be agreed on first. When it appears during the repair costs will be much more than agreed (150+ euro’s or more), permission of the client will be asked first before we continue, except when a deadline doesn’t allow for this.


13. Payments occur within seven days after a repair is finished. The customer will either pay with PIN when collecting his instrument or make a banktranfer before collecting the instrument. This also applies when buying an instrument. When collecting the instrument the bank tranfer must be recieved in order to recieve your instrument. When using PIN a 2,5% fee applies when using a credit card, a bankcard doesn’t have a Meastro emblem or is from outside the Netherlands or Belgium.


14. When working on location, client can only pay instantly afterwards with PIN. We’ll try to give an estimate upfront.


15. If you want your instrument shipped or delivered, we’ll ship only after recieving full payment.


16. Should a shipment get lost or damaged that was shipped by Vintage Instrument Service insurance only applies when specificly noted by the customer. The shipper will be notified and once damage has been settled and shippper will compensate, not Bintage Instrument Service.