Fender Tremolux Blackface piggyback combo 1966

Built in 1966, the last production year of the Tremolux with 2×10 speaker cabinet. But what a combo it is!!  This is a very beautiful set. It looks very good, it sounds awesome and it’s had alle the wrk done to make it reliable and soind at it’s best, while maintaining it’s originality as much as possible. Has had over 550 euro’s  in parts and labour to guarantee perfect funtionality:

-New powertubes (Tung Sol 6L6)
-New preamp tubes (Tung Sol)

-All new electrolytic capacitors
-Internal and external cleaning
-Check for fix all loose or bad connections
-Fix everything that is not working properly

Can be used in a studio or on stage without hassle! Ready for (semi-) professional use. 

Sells for €2.750,-.