Fender Rhodes Mark 1 SeventyThree 1973 completely rebuild

This Fender Rhodes has been completely restored, so sound and action are all in perfect order. Outside is original, and looks near mint. A total of €1.250,- in parts and labour has been spent into this Rhodes. 

The following has been done internally to assure it’s perfect:
– Tuning
– Voicing
– Replacing bad and broken tines
– New tonebar grommets incl. screws en washers
– Alligning en grinding tines
– Repositioning harp
– Adjusting damperams
– Minimalize keyplay and lube keypins (front and centerpins)
– Leveling keys
– Cleaning keys, frame and inside case
– New rubber hammertips (square type)
– Actionmod for better/lighter action
– New damper felts
– Everything elso needed to make this Rhodes complete and reliable

The Fender Rhodes is voiced with a minimum of bells and maximum of dynamics and bark, like the recordings of the (early) seventies. Think Stevie Wonder’s I Wish or Steely Dan’s Babylon Sister, Pink Floyd Shine on you craze diamond, etc.

This Rhodes can be used in a studio or on stage right away, suitable for the (semi-) pro’s.

Price is €4.350,- incl (non refundable) VAT.

There’s a 12 month warranty.