Hammond A101 1961 with Leslie 122 for sale


The Hammond A100-series is the living room version of the famous B3. It also has its own speakers and reverb, but is technically identical. This one’s from 1961, fully restored and in near mint condition and its mated with an also fully restored Leslie 122. The outside looks pretty good, but is not completely mint.  There’s some blemishes. Both have a full package 4 rebuild and then some.


Combined with a beautiful Leslie 122 this is a real killer combi! The keyclick and percussion is really amazing! The following has been done to to ensure perfect functionality:


Hammond A100
– Drawbarcontacts cleaned and lubed, to ensure excellent contact and eliminate scratsching noises.
– New tubes AO28 preamp and AO35 poweramp (more output, brilliance, more percussion bite and less hiss/hum))
– Replacement of some essensial resistors, capacitors and ALL electrolytic capacitors (less noise/hum and tighter bass) in both amps
– New keyfelts to minimize key noises (upstop and downstop), black keyfelts are repositioned to minimize key noises
– Minimize sideway keyplay, to eliminate the click and clack noises when sliding over the keys.
– Newer type ‘red caps’ installed capacitors on the tonewheel generator, that will ensure that the original tonewheel curve from tone 1 to 91 is maintained. This is an essential parts of the Hammond sound.
– Newer ‘red caps’  installed vibrato line capacitors that will maintain original vibrato curve
– Percussion volume and vibrato brilliance modification to balance different sound options
– Adjusting expression pedal for perfect expression curve
– Internal and external cleaning


Leslie 122
– Mechanical rebuild: all new grommets for motors and rotors, new O-rings and new rotor bearings. Rebuild of all four motors which included complete disassembly, cleaning, lubing and adjustment of all moving parts. This will ensure silent and effecient operation with the fastest acceleration and deacceleration times.
– Rebuild 122 amp and crossover plus new preamp and poweramp tubes. All resistors, pots, capacitors, electrolyte capacitors, diodes and tubes are replaced. The will result is best and loudest output possible, give more definition, more brilliance, tighter basses and almost no hiss and hum.
– Installation solid state Trek II relais, to eleminate the clicking and popping noises when switching speeds.
– Internal and external cleaning


Of course the tonewheelgenerator has been be oiled and everything works as it should. Percussion, vibrato, , presets, pedals, all tonewheels, drawbars. Everything has been gone through. It will function the way you expect from a Hammond organ. Original bench and pedals are included as well.


Can be used in a studio or on stage right away. Perfect for the (semi-) professional. The combi comes with a 12 month warranty.


Price: €6.350,-