For sale: Leslie 242

Leslie 242 with package 4. The Leslie 242 is a decorator version of the infamous 122. Internally 100% the same, just a different cabinet. The following has been done to make sure you get a perfect Leslie:
– Mechanical rebuild: all new grommets for motors and rotors, new O-rings and new rotor bearings. Rebuild of all four motors which included complete disassembly, cleaning, lubing and adjustment of all moving parts. This will ensure silent and effecient operation with the fastest acceleration and deacceleration times.
– Rebuild 122 amp and crossover plus new tubes. All resistors, pots, capacitors, electrolyte capacitors, diodes and tubes are replaced. The will result is best and loudest output possible, give more definition, more brilliance, tighter basses and almost now hiss and hum
– Installation solid state Trek II relais, to eleminate the clicking and popping noises when switching speeds.